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'Following our Fathers' gets special mention by the Boardman Tasker judges for mountain literature
27 November 2012

'Following our Fathers' just missed being shortlisted for this prize. This is what the judges said of it:

“Linda Cracknell’s ‘Following our Fathers’ is a superb little book, wonderfully written and conveying vivid images. Short story author and creative writing tutor Cracknell describes two commemorative expeditions: the first a walk following the footsteps of the father of a Norwegian friend, as he flees from German forces to neutral Sweden in WWII; the second an attempt at an alpine climb after sketchy research revealed a possible ascent by her own, long-deceased father. Through these the participants create ‘their own pathways of personal meaning’. The draft of a full-length book, from which these two stories are taken, has already won an award, and we encourage the author to enter it for the Boardman-Tasker, when eventually published”.

Congratulations to Andy Kilpatrick who won this year with ‘Cold Wars – Climbing the fine line between risk and reality’.

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