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Doubling Back
I bought 'Doubling Back' a good wee while ago Ms Cracknell. I admit that at first I couldn't get on with it,so I put it down for a while. Sometimes circumstances outwith the book aren't right, I guess.
I picked it up again last week though and loved every page. The Spanish and Norwegian chapters in particular, were just great. Interesting and uplifting, beautifully done.
What do we do when we can't walk anymore? On the edge of 70, I'm just switching now. Fewer mountains, more forests. Argyll,rather than the north west you describe so beautifully in the book.
More power to your pen.(orlaptop)
Posted by Bert Thomson on 24 December 2023
Thank you for writing Bert, it's always reassuring to know that a book, sent out into the world blindly, connects with others! More power to your feet, Linda
Posted by Linda Cracknell on 28 December 2023
A profound thanks for Doubling Back
Dear Linda Cracknell,

I wanted to leave a note her to say that I am totally enthralled by Doubling Back.

I'm trying to go as slow as I can, trying to savour it, but am almost halfway.
Maybe interesting to know: I learned about your book through reading the book Wanderers: A history of women walking by Kerri Andrews who -fortunately!- mentioned Doubling Back, and I felt immediately drawn to it, even through her secondary description.
I loved your chapter on Al Andalus. I too love the Sierras in Southern Spain and made two mini videos about my walking adventures there, I am including the titles so that you may find them on Vimeo if you are interested to have a look and relive some of the limestone delights of these landscapes: A Rose for Winter: Walks in Andalusia and Go to the Mountains. (I cannot include the links because of the filter on the guestbook, I understand why that is necessary).

A profound thanks for your beautiful writing,

I'm going back into it!

Best wishes from Amsterdam,
Posted by Laura on 14 October 2023
Laura, thanks so much for your enthusiastic reading and for the feedback, it means a great deal. The book went out of print a couple of years after publication due to a collapsed publisher, but I'm happy to say it will be reissued next year (10th Anniversary) with a new walk! Best wishes, Linda
Posted by Linda Cracknell on 15 October 2023
Doubling Back
I shall be brief in saying that I consider Doubling Back one of the best books I have read. No exaggeration to say I believe it to be literally inspirational.

Uddingston and Upper Glenlyon
Posted by John Milne on 11 September 2015
John, I am blushing! But glad it meant so much to you.
With best wishes,
Posted by Linda Cracknell on 12 September 2015
Doubling Back
Hi Linda. Just wanted to congratulate you on Doubling Back which I happened to hear broadcast this week, fine writing indeed. I have enjoyed very much listening to it and it may inspire me both to read more, and walk more! Maybe see you in Aberfeldy sometime. All the best, Alison McDonald
Posted by Alison on 30 May 2014
Thank you Alison, glad you enjoyed it! Linda
Posted by Linda Cracknell on 30 May 2014
Following Our Fathers
Hey Linda!
Just finished reading 'Following Our Fathers' . Really enjoyed it. Kathy J gave it to Ann for Christmas and I picked it up yesterday and read it cover to cover. It brought back vivid memories of climbing with Ann in the Alps as a complete novice, soon after we first met 20 years ago. Also we made a trip to Norway with the kids and did some hillwalking a few years back. The kids didn't need rolos to encourage them it was the lure of the blueberries they picked and grazed on continually!
...names of people and places are scribbled on the reverse side of the photos in pencil. Two or three hands argue on some of them: Love that line.

So sad about Paul. Will be up in Aberfeldy to visit Margaret soon. Must get out on the bikes again if you are about.

Best regards,

Big John
Posted by John Young on 27 February 2013
Hi John, thanks for your appreciation! Big book of walking essays including those two out next year.
Posted by on 27 February 2013
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Posted on 26 October 2010
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