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Radio 3 essay and turn of the Year News..
03 January 2017

On 9th January at 2245, my essay about the glitter and mystery of quartz goes out on BBC Radio 3 as part of the Cornerstones series. Here's some further information along with other news at the beginning of 2017.

Happy New Year!

Writer-in-Residence at George Watson's College..
04 September 2016

In September I start a year-long residency at George Watson's College in Edinburgh, working with senior pupils to help them develop their love of words and imagination. This was a view on my tour of the grounds on my first day. 

Roald Dahl's centenary - my celebration is a dancing Centipede!..
04 September 2016

Do you remember Roald Dahl's Centipede (James and the Giant Peach) - bossy-with-his-boots and claiming to have 100 legs when he might only have 42? Here's my poem-version of him filling a dance floor for the #26Twits series, illustrated by a lovely patient at Edinburgh Sick Kids.

WalkHighlands : Street Play in Edinburgh..
04 September 2016

In my latest piece for WalkHighlands, I recall my former morning commute through Edinburgh's Old Town in a reflection on the playful pleasures of the urban commute.

End of residency at Edinburgh's Sick Kids..
22 June 2016

This month I complete four very interesting years as writer-in-residence at Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children alongside illustrator Cate James (the illustration below is by her). You can find out more about it from the blog I kept over the period, which also includes a series of stand-alone pages of our interpretations of the hospital's history since 1860.Illustration by Cate James

New publication: Our Tissardmine Tagine..
22 June 2016

Workshop participants at Cafe Tissardmine in February 2016 produced this fabulous anthology of our words and pictures. It's even for sale on Amazon should you wish to get a flavour of the place in the Moroccan Sahara and the workshop (£6.47/$9.35)! 2017 workshop details here.

Overnight in the hills..
22 June 2016

In my latest piece for WalkHighlands I discussed the joys of being out alone in the hills overnight. It clearly hit a nerve, especially for women, some of whom feel they have to battle their own resistances. Read the piece including some tips for pioneers here

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